Finca El Pastoral Organic Pour Over Kit
Finca El Pastoral Organic Pour Over Kit
Finca El Pastoral Organic Pour Over Kit
Finca El Pastoral Organic Pour Over Kit
Finca El Pastoral Organic Pour Over Kit

Finca El Pastoral Organic Pour Over Kit

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Juan de Dios Castillo and his four siblings created J&M Family Coffee, a private export company named after their parents Juan and Miriam with a vision to create a fruitful support system for coffee producers in Nicaragua.

Their first goal was to sell their parents’ coffee direct to international buyers, as a way to honor their parents who started cultivating coffee since childhood with the income from the first family business as tailors in the town of Jinotega. With this first goal completed, Juan de Dios Castillo decided to take the next step and start his own farm called El Pastoral, which has 150 acres of coffee production. From farm to export, Pastoral uses a truly integrated model to trace their bean production from seed to processing to quality control for export.

You taste that true quality and generational passion in every sip of this certified organic coffee. Being family owned ourselves, we are proud to support this family owned farm and were very much looking forward to roasting this product. Our roast is light bodied, with a prominent milk chocolate taste and hints of graham cracker and honey on toast. We’re already sad to say this is a small batch seasonal reserve which means El Pastoral will only be with us for a short while as all single origins must say goodbye as seasons change. If you’re lucky enough to snag a bag or two, all the more reason to savor every brew, slow down, and really enjoy each sip of this great cup of coffee.

ORIGIN Nicaragua

Milk Chocolate, Graham Cracker, Honey


This is far from your instant coffee in a can. Each filter kit is adventure ready, containing roasted-to-order, ethically sourced coffee that is nitrogen sealed for lasting freshness through any trek. Just add water and start your day.

Click to learn how to brew

  1. Heat water to 200deg
  2. Tear open the foil wrapper
  3. With the drip kit in both hands, tear the filter at the perforated line while holding it up so you don’t lose any grounds to your kitchen floor or Zoom call outfit in the process. 
  4. Gently pull the white hangers out and secure onto your cup
  5. Slowly pour hot water into filter in a circular motion. Wetting the filter while you pour is preferred. Repeat 2-3x. 
  6. Dispose of the kit and wrapper responsibly
  7. Add more water if you like your coffee Americano style
  8. Sip and enjoy your day!