Camp Essentials

Camp Essentials


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Packing Gear
Plano Cases

NOCO Jump Starter 
First Aid Kit
Life Straw
Garmin InReach Mini Satellite Communicator

Scepter water can
LED Camp Light 
LED String Lights 
Camp Toilet + Pop-up dressing room 

Pour Over Drip Kits
Coleman Stove 
Pop-up trash can 
Tembo Tusk Skottle 
SnowPeak sporks 
Aluminum Folding Table
Dometic Fridge 
Collapsible Sink Basin 
Camping Cook Set (open this up before your trip and only take what you need considering your group size and menu)

Kelty Loveseat 
Camconet Big Red Campfire (awesome for use in areas with fire bans) 

Just starting to camp? No worries, we all started somewhere and once you get out there you'll find it is not as intimidating as you thought. Here are some tips we learned along the way as we've gone through trial and error of overpacking, forgetting important items at home, and realizing in the middle of the trip, "oh man if we had brought X, then Y would have been so much easier":

  • Start your packing list at least a week out, so you can focus on enjoying your trip as it gets closer, and aren't overwhelmed with packing 100+ things at once
  • Keep a shared list between your group in Notes on your phone or a physical list of your inventory so you can add and delete things together. Bring the list with you while you're camping so you can remove items you never used, or add things your forgot.
  • Plan your food menu and pack your kitchen supplies accordingly. When we started camping, it seemed like we would bring an entire kitchen like we had at home. Even though camp kitchen supplies fold and compact, they still add up in weight and size. Think just the essentials. We now only bring 1 pot, 1 pan, 1 spatula, and a couple tongs for cooking. We also prep all our ingredients since we bring a fridge, and that saves us time, and the hassle of prep and cutting while baking in the sun, in case you end up somewhere super hot or swarmed with insects! Or the opposite could happen, and you could end up setting up camp in the cold, in the dark. Having everything ready to cook your dishes makes getting your meals ready a breeeze. The other reason for all this is when we camp completely off grid with no backup water source nearby we need to conserve the water we use for dishes. Less dishes used to cook & eat = More water to drink and bathe in! That brings us to our next tip..
  • You can never bring too much water. Water is the LAST thing you want to skimp out on, especially if you end up somewhere HOT, somewhere without clean water, if you get stranded in traffic, etc. etc. Water is our life source! If you think you need more than you have and have the space to bring extra, bring it!

Hope you found this helpful. Stay tuned for our next entry, and let us know what you would like to learn more about next.. our favorite camp spots? What to do if you get stuck off road? Camp meal recipes?

(Our post is not sponsored by any of the brands mentioned above. This blog, unless disclosed, is not written in partnership with any other companies.)

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