a bold twist of tropical highs and lows
Riptide Blend
Riptide Blend

Riptide Blend
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Riptide Blend is a bold twist of high and low tones, sweet tropical notes, a familiar cocoa base, finishing with light hints of macadamia. When enjoyed as a pour over, it has fruity floral openers that are accented with a pleasant chocolate cake after taste. Espresso preparation brings out the rich cocoa powder construct even moreso.

Currently this blend includes dry process coffee from Africa and South America, synonymous with big bodied, fruity cup profiles. There's also a large fraction of a washed Central American coffee that is the equilibrium between your sweet and strong tastings.

Coffee bag and valve are fully home compostable. 

ROAST Medium
ORIGIN South America, Central America, Africa
PROCESS Wet and Dry Process
TASTING NOTES Tropical Fruit, Cocoa Powder, Macadamia


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