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Can't decide on one? We get it. Here's the perfect solution for the coffee drinkers that like to switch it up. 

This is far from your instant coffee in a can. Each filter kit contains roasted-to-order, ethically sourced, specialty coffee that is nitrogen sealed for lasting freshness through any adventure.

10 Pack contains [4] Trailblazer, [3] Surfrider, [3] Summit
5 Pack contains [2] Trailblazer, [2] Surfrider, [1] Summit

Click to learn how to brew

  1. Heat water to 200deg
  2. Tear open the foil wrapper
  3. With the drip kit in both hands, tear the filter at the perforated line while holding it up so you don’t lose any grounds to your kitchen floor or Zoom call outfit in the process. 
  4. Gently pull the white hangers out and secure onto your cup
  5. Slowly pour hot water into filter in a circular motion. Wetting the filter while you pour is preferred. Repeat 2-3x. 
  6. Dispose of the kit and wrapper responsibly
  7. Add more water if you like your coffee Americano style
  8. Sip and enjoy your day! 

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